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Why Data Connection Is Required For Eero Setup And How To Reset Eero Using Eero App?

While setting up an Eero network, it is recommended to use that device which has a data connection. The reason being, at some point of time the Wi-Fi will stop working on your Eero Setup and your device will not able to register online in the absence of network.

How to setup Eero without Cellular data service?

If no cellular data service is available in the locality where you are currently staying, you can go through the below-mentioned steps to set up an Eero Wifi Setup.

Rather than plugging your gateway Eero into the modem, connect it into the router directly. With this process, you can set up the Wi-Fi network with the help of current network and switch to Eero easily after the process gets completed.

If you are using the router and modem individually, then disconnect the router once the eero network gets created. Unplug the eero from router and restart the modem. Plug the Eero directly to the modem. Wait till the modem gets completely on only then connect the Eero into it.

This will hardly take 3-5 minutes for complete turning on of modem. In case you are using the combo device, you can put one device into bridge mode and enhance the performance of your network.

If you are still facing any problem, contact Eero support.

How to reboot my Eero using the app?

To reboot the individual Eero router or an entire network, there’s no need to physically change or press any button from router, simply tap on button from Eero app.

Why there is a need to reboot the Eero?

Most of the Eero users don’t find any need to reboot their Eero. However, power cycling any electronic gadget solves most of the problems encountering in it. Some reasons to reboot the Eero are:

  • Slow speeds of your network.
  • The issue with connected devices.
  • Devices connected to wrong Eero.

How to reboot my Eero?

To restart your Eero, click on ‘Eero’ from the list of devices available on the home screen of Eero app. Click to ‘Restart’ Eero. You will find a ‘Restart Eero blue’ button to start the process. When you press the button, it will restart immediately and bring the device into offline mode temporarily till it turns on again.

Note: Restarting gateway eero will take the Eero Update network offline.

How to reboot my Eero network?

To reboot the entire network, follow the steps mentioned here as under:

  • Open Eero app.
  • Go to ‘Menu’.
  • Click ‘Network Settings’.
  • Go to ‘Advanced’ settings.
  • Click ‘Restart’ network.
  • Click ‘Blue’ to restart the network button.

If you need further help related to the reboot of Eero or network, you can contact Eero support. To reboot or restart Eero network from app, the Eero must be online. If there is outage problem reported in your area by the internet service provider, you can contact ISP.

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