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Upgrade Your Current Wi-Fi Setup To Mesh Network To Enjoy Best Browsing Experience 

Are you searching for a system that can enhance the coverage of your current Wi-Fi system or wish to upgrade the current router setup? If yes, then you can go for Mesh Wi-Fi system rather than purchasing a stand-alone router.

This is the only network that will solve and meet your requirements. In this system, more than one station is configured on the home network that provides equal strength in all corners of the house.

We generally see that with normal routers the connection keeps on disconnecting or losing when you go away from the router. This problem can be overcome by using the Mesh Wi-fi system that connects different stations together and makes one big network which can serve the complete house or all dead zones. Eero Wifi Setup, a networking device company is the first to develop this technology and is continuously gaining pace in the market. The rival companies like Google and D-link are also working on the same technology. In large houses, we generally need multiple hubs or routers to ensure proper signal at each corner. Instead of wasting money on multiple routers, you can go for Mesh Wi-Fi system which is specifically designed for medium-sized and large houses.

After the launch of smartphone apps for Wireless systems, it has now become possible to control and manage the complete network just with the click of your hand. The chores of controlling the networking devices manually are now over and Mesh Wi-fi systems are so sleek and appealing that if you compare it with traditional routers, you will find the latter like a dead star.

If you are using a smartphone, tablet, watch and use to move from one room to another or connected IoT devices like smart speakers, lights, TV’s and bathroom scales, then the device best preferred by the companies is Mesh Wi-Fi system due to its best-in-class performance and speed.

What are the advantages of using Mesh?

In Mesh, we all know there is a primary base station and the secondary one. The primary is connected at the main room and other stations are connected in the living rooms for weak network coverage. If you have installed the primary at downstairs and satellite at upstairs office, then you can get the equal signal strength at both the levels with the Eero help of Mesh system.

Another advantage of Mesh is that the device will auto-connect to the nearby station without any intervention of user. If you are using Wi-Fi on your smartphone, it will automatically switch to the nearby points when you move from one room to another.

Mesh wi-fi systems available in Eero Setup are rugged and reliable, you can rely on them completely and the design of these systems is so sleek that you can even place it in any corner of a house or on a side table.

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