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How To Troubleshoot Most Common Issues Of Your Eero Network Device


Are you getting any problem in using the Eero networking device or the connection keeps on disconnecting from the home network? If yes, then pay close attention to the content of this page. You will come to know about the simple steps to troubleshoot Eero router issues.  The steps are common for all the Eero model irrespective of their characteristics.

  1. Restart Eero: The process of restarting the Eero Setup is quite simple and easy to execute. There are two ways to restart the Eero router. Firstly, you can disconnect the Eero from the power supply and turn it off. After waiting for 5 minutes, you can connect the Eero again to the power supply. Another method of restarting the Eero is by pressing the power button from the back of Eero hardware. The button is usually affixed at the back of the device. Keep it off for 5 minutes and turn it on again. You will find blue light turn solid after some time on the front panel of Eero. This indicates your device is successfully restarted. Wait for another 2 minutes till the device get refreshed.
  2. Restart modem: There is a modem connected to the Eero Wifi Setup from the phone line. This is usually provided by the internet service provider. Sometimes, the problem with the modem may result in a problem with the network. To fix it, restart your modem by disconnecting the power adapter from the power supply. Wait for some minutes and connect the modem again to the power supply.
  3. Use another router in bridge mode: If more than one router or modem is configured on the same network, then this may create confusion for the server. The IP address may be the same for both the routers or modem. In order to get rid of this problem, always use one router out of the two in bridge mode. To use the router in bridge mode, log in to the router web-interface page and go to ‘Settings’.
  4. Check the internet connection status: The network coming on your modem may be down or out of service for some period due to maintenance work. If this is the case, then the router may not work according to you. Under such situations, check the internet status by visiting the website. If there is some problem with the internet, you can contact your internet service provider. They will send their executives to your home to get the phone line checked from their own end.
  5. Delete annoying eero from the app: Sometimes, deleting the Eero Support app from the smartphone may fix the Eero problem. Delete the device which is creating a problem and add it again after some time. Check if this solves your problem or not.

Once you are done with the steps, you will be able to troubleshoot the most common issues of Eero networking device.

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