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How To Setup Eero With AT&T U-Verse?


An AT&T U-verse comes with the modem/router combo device which is well configured by the supplier. If you want to use Eero with the AT&T U-verse, then you will have to use it in bridge mode or setup IP pass through. We are going to discuss steps on How to set up Eero Setup with AT&T U-verse.

Disable U-verse Wi-Fi:-

Though this step is not strongly recommended but to avoid any conflict with the networks, you must disable 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz Wi-Fi on your modem/router combo device. This is done in case you have opted for AT&T internet service without TV as there are certain functions and features that demand wireless connection form supplied device. If you are having any doubt related to the current setup, you can contact AT&T U-verse.

After walking through the setup steps, follow the steps given here as under to disable Wi-fi.

  • Launch a web browser and enter in the URL address bar.
  • Press ‘Enter’.
  • Login to the AT&T account.
  • Go to ‘Wireless’ from the home tab.
  • Disable your wireless from the interface.
  • Click ‘Save’.

Now, you have the option to select either of the ways to move further.

Setting up IP passthrough

Do you want to use the Eero Wifi Setup with the latest features? If yes, then use in amalgamation with the modem/router combo device by setting up an IP passthrough.

For settings specific to this configuration, it is recommended to contact the AT&T support experts as they know how to connect the device in a Passthrough mode. Apart from this, a topic related instructions are also given on the Eero support link. Just click on an appropriate link to setup IP passthrough. Don’t hesitate to contact the Eero experts to address any concerns related to the device.

Setting up Eero in bridge mode

As discussed in the previous passages, if you want to use the Eero with AT&T U-verse, then you will have to set up the former one in bridge mode. Due to some characteristics of network and U-verse, you will have to bypass the network through bridge mode. Bridging will not affect the capabilities of Eero device rather it will function the same like Mesh network. All the routing characteristics and settings will be managed through the U-verse router settings. It must be remembered here that using Eero in bridge mode may come with some drawbacks which can’t be sidelined. You can read the complete information about it from the link given on the page.

To start with the process, configure the Eero  Support normally through the Eero app and follow the instructions as it is. After completing the setup, go through the below-mentioned steps:

  • Open Eero app and click on the menu given on the top left.
  • Go to Network settings.
  • From here, go to ‘Advanced settings’ and select ‘DHCP and NAT’.
  • Click ‘Bridge’.
  • Tap ‘save’ given on the top right of the screen. This will store the details of your router.


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