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How To Connect The Printer And Check The Signal Strength Of My Eero Router?

There are two ways to connect the Eero to the printer. One is wireless and other one is through Ethernet cable. We will discuss both the methods in this post.

Connecting via Ethernet

To connect the printer to the Eero Installation with Ethernet cable, you must connect one end of the cable to the printer and other to the Eero which is connected to home network.

Connecting wirelessly

In order to connect printer wirelessly, you must check that the printer support WPA2 or CCMP encryption. Eero doesn’t support WPS at all because of security issues. Other previous standards like WPA2, WPA and WEP are also not supported by the Eero.

After checking your printer, if it doesn’t support WPA2 AES, then perform driver update. You can update the driver by entering the model number and make of printer.

If you have already connected the printer to some network, then reset it and connect to new Eero network. If your printer has stored the previous Mac address and network settings, then Eero will not connect to it until you flash the old one.

Now coming to the steps for checking the signal strength of the Eero.

After configuring the network on Eero, most of us don’t find any need to change the location of router. However, if there is drop-off or sudden disconnection of network, then you can check the network status and improve the wireless connectivity accordingly.

Go through the below mentioned steps to check the Eero’s connection quality.

  1. Launch Eero app.
  2. From the home screen of your app, go to ‘Eero device’ you want to check.
  3. Click on ‘Connection details’ from the top.
  4. You will find ‘wireless or wired’ connection in the list.

If you are using wired network, then all the Eero will be connected via Ethernet and the network strength will be displayed in the ‘Wired’ section under ‘Eero’ app. changing the direction or placement of Eero can improve the network quality and strength. However, if there is some problem with the network from the ISP end, then repositioning of router will not help you at all.

The ‘Connection details’ menu will provide in-depth details of the wireless connection from Eero placed in your home.

If you find single bar on the Wi-Fi flag, then it means the connection is poor. You can fix the connection problem by going through the steps mentioned on the link.

If you are still facing the same ‘Poor connection’ problem, then check the settings of your Eero and get it checked from the experts available online.

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