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How To Check Out The Number Of Eeros Connected To Network And Identify New Device?

If six or less than six Eeros are connected to the network, then you can easily manage these Eeros with the help of the Eero app installed on phone. Every Eero has its own position on the network which helps in determining it.

In case you have connected more than six devices and want to access from the same list, then tap ‘Number of Eero Wifi Setup’ from the app home screen. This option is accessible from the center of the screen almost between the ‘Devices and eero’ link.

Now, you will find the eero which are connected currently to the network. The gateway Eero will appear on the top of the list with identifier built-in.  For any support, you can contact Eero experts.

How to check the list of devices connected to the network so far?

There are different ways to check the list of devices connected to the network so far. Apart from this, if you want to manage the devices from the app, you can follow the steps mentioned on-screen.

  • Blue dot notifications: From the ‘Connected devices’ option, go to the ‘Eero Setup home page’ and click on the blue dot given next to the network. In the given list, all the devices connecting to the network before 7 days will appear. To distinguish these devices from each other, you can use the nicknames of the devices or create separate profiles for each device.

If you don’t know the steps for creating a profile or adding a nickname for the device, then you can go through the steps given in the link. Click the ‘Family profile’ link and start adding as many profiles as you want.

How to enable push notifications on new devices?

If you are using an app with version 2.23 or higher, then enable notifications from the app itself. When any device gets connected, you will get notifications on the app screen. This kind of notification is also called push-button notification.

The steps for enabling the push notifications are given here as under:

  • Open the ‘Eero app’.
  • Go to the ‘Menu button’.
  • Select ‘Network settings’.
  • Open ‘Notifications’.
  • Select ‘New devices’ and slide to enable this feature.

Enabling push-button notifications is also possible through the dot notification option which is available on the Eero home page. Go to the ‘Connected device’ screen.

After clicking on the ‘Blue icon’ given on-screen, a pop-up window will appear at the bottom of the screen seeking your consent to enable the option for receiving notifications related to ‘Adding of new devices’. Tap ‘Notify me’ to enable the notifications.

Description: Do you want to check the number of devices or Eero Update connected currently to the network? If yes, then go through the steps mentioned in the post. If you want to enable Blue dot notifications on your Eero app, then this post will be proven helpful for you. For further queries, contact Eero Help. They are available 24×7 for assistance.

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