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Eero Solves The Problems Of Wi-Fi Adapting To The New Times


Eero Setup and the technologies it brings to Wi-Fi are great news for users who often have performance problems in a connected world that they can no longer afford.

Technology advances, as we know, extremely fast, and while new doors are opened to iterations, thanks to what is invested in research and development, sometimes we do not stop to think that, before replacing or overcoming protocols and standards, they can take advantage, and even improve, for much longer than planned. Technology is going to get better and better, nobody can stop it. The only thing that people should be worried about is whether they will be able to adapt to new technology or not.

Eero is a fine example as to how things have significantly changed in the field of networking. Until a few years ago, people used to believe that Wi-Fi technology is the pinnacle of networking and nothing can be done to make it better. However, with technologies like the one included in eero, those theories have been shattered, giving rise to questions that are there a way of going beyond eero and finding something better, something that is more technologically advanced. Well, the answer to that question is ‘yes’, but there is no timeframe as to when it will be done. Coming back to the eero, then it is the future of wireless networking.

Eero WiFi Setup is a Wi-Fi repeating system designed by a startup in San Francisco, whose goal is to eliminate the friction that occurs in wireless networks when we have problems, those that -only sometimes- we solve with restarts and shutdowns of the router. One of the main advantages of Eero is its ease to be configured and connected -by cable- to our current router, unlike the headaches that we can suffer from other more archaic solutions. Although you can use only a simple Eero, the ideal and recommended is to use 3 units. Only with the application for smartphones is everything ready to use.

In addition, as it is intended to be used to be located in various parts of the house, Eero has a much more careful design than most routers in the market, ideal. In addition to ensuring the power of the network, Eero manages very well the bandwidth in highly saturated networks, preventing aspects such as constant buffering or increased latency because the router cannot deal with it.

Eero has a diagnostic system that, if it detects any problem, is able to fix it by itself, without the need for the user to get involved. In addition, it decides in real time how to assign bandwidth to what devices connected to the network. The key to Eero Help, for me, is that everything remains fully compatible with the rest of the devices and that the solution to the problem comes from the Wi-Fi standard itself, but being treated in a much more appropriate way to the new times.

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