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Eero And Eero Pro, Two Of The Best Mesh Wi-Fi Networks

The Amazon Wi-Fi mesh router is called Eero and Eero Pro. They connect to the modem and provide fast and reliable coverage of up to 140 square meters. They are easy to install and also work with Alexa.

Mesh or Mesh networks come to solve the problem of lack of Wi-Fi signal that many people suffer, in their homes or businesses.

Other similar devices of brands such as Google, Netgear or Linksys, triumph in Amazon, and now they arrive from San Francisco, Eero and Eero Plus. We will explain to you more about the characteristics of these two new products presented by Amazon.

Differences between mesh Wi-Fi and a router

The conventional router is a unique device, which controls all the tasks in your network, such as connecting to the Internet or connecting other wired devices through Ethernet.

On many occasions with a single router, the Wi-Fi works for the whole house, and no more is needed. However, it usually happens that when you move away from the router the signal is weaker, and it is accentuated if your house has several heights or is large then use Eero Help.

A network in mesh or mesh, are several Wi-Fi points that act together to create a single network. This network covers the entire house at maximum speed, without interruptions due to the walls.

Mesh networks have been used for years, but in places where a secure network was critical. For example in companies or military bases, but in those cases, they were isolated networks, not connected to the Eero Setup.

Now you can take advantage of mesh networks to connect to the Internet. If you have a large house, with several floors or in some area of ​​the house as soon as you get Wi-Fi, a mesh Wi-Fi device may be the solution.

It consists of two or more devices (usually three), similar to a router, which works together to cover the house with Wi-Fi. They are like Wi-Fi extenders but much easier to configure.

With a conventional router, as you move away the signal weakens. The range of the signal is limited, in large spaces with several floors, there may be areas without coverage or ‘dead zones’.

Instead, mesh devices can help eliminate dead zones. Instead of transmitting Wi-Fi signals from a single point, mesh router systems have multiple access points of Eero Support.

A point connects to the modem and acts as a router, while one or more access points, pick up the main router signal and relay it. Something that you will notice if you install a Mesh system, is that suddenly you get more speed within what you have contracted, which came before you via Eero Wi-Fi Setup.

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